We did not get working!!!


This generator is a magnetic device incorporating the use of permanent magnets turning with a rotor to generate a magnetic energy which is then circuited to other mechanisms to do useful work. This mini generator demonstrates that magnetic principles can be utilized in units of various sizes. Magnetic units can be microscopic or miles wide, as long as the correct principles are maintained. When magnetic fields are properly harnessed, when the magnets and housing are a certain composition, when the magnets are rotating at the proper rpm, and when the energy is given a redistribution path, a very powerful phenomenon occurs; the natural flow of Universal magnetic energy begins to escalate. All magnets draw energy in to maintain their power, but under the right conditions magnets can assist in attracting large quantities of magnetic energy that can be used for numerous purposes.


We tested this generator in many ways. We changed range of RPM. We ordered the exact magnets according manual and tried different types of magnets.


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